Adversarial Neural Pruning with Latent Vulnerability Suppression

Despite the remarkable performance of deep neural networks on various computer vision tasks, they are known to be susceptible to adversarialperturbations, which makes it challenging to deploy them in real-world safety-critical applica-tions. In this post, we discuss our latest paper, that aims to minimize the feature-level distortion during training. Our... [Read More]
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GSoC - Third month analysis

As you know I was working on musical activities and wrote about note names in my previous blog post. The gtk+ version of GCompris had the following musical activities: Note names Piano composition Play piano Play rhythm [Read More]
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Note names

I mentioned in my previous blog that I started with the note names activity. This will be a musical blog covering the different components that we have and some music knowledge :) [Read More]
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GSoC-Second month analysis

So, the second month came to an end, I wanted to write this blog post on my birthday :) The second month started well, I made the initial version of AI using alpha beta but then I was stuck at the animations. I tried various approaches, I started with the... [Read More]
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Oware - Single player

I completed the Oware two player mode as described in my previous blog post GSoC-First month analysis. This month was the time for the single player mode. So well it started well, I implemented the alpha beta pruning for the AI mode. [Read More]
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