Finally I am writing about my experience in Season of KDE, 2017 which came to an end a few days ago. A winter learning new things, learning what really matters is not just writing code but writing good code. I would like to thank GCompris and KDE for giving me such an opportunity to be a part of the community and to try to bring happiness to people and kids using it around the world.

I had to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Complete categorization images activity.
  2. Implement and complement categorization words activity.

I successfully implemented the following tasks:

  1. I completed the categorization images activity and it finally got merged into master last month :)
  2. I implemented categorization words activity with 5 categories with a scroll view to scroll the sentences.

Categorization Images Activity: The good news is that categorization images was finally merged into master with 6 categories in demo version including “Alphabets”, “Numbers”, “Tools”, “Renewable”, “Monuments” along with 12 other categories in the full version with around 500+ new images. Here is how categorization of animlas looks like:

Categorization Images

Categorization Words Activity: I implemented categorization words activity for 5 categories including “Tenses”, “Pronouns”, “Nouns”, “Fruits”, “Vegetables”. It would teach the complete grammar to kids including “Adverbs”, “Adjectives”, “Prepositions”, “Conjunctions” etc which are yet to be implemented. It allows teachers to add their own datasets and lessons for categories to teach. It would also help children in categorizing objects on the basis of various categories.

Categorization Words

Here is a lesson that I added on pronouns. Pronouns

I am left with adding the remaining categories which I would do in the coming week implementing the complete grammar and its lessons and improving the scroll bar and configuration part for saving locale of languages.

That’s all for now, thank you KDE and GCompris for such an awesome winter of code :))