It seems like it was like yesterday when I said “Hi” to the community but time flies turning me to a Google Summer of Code student. It has been a remarkable journey from a KDE user to a contributor spreading the community :)

My tasks for GSoC are to finish the started activities for GCompris with my mentors Emmanuel Charruau and Johnny Jazeix. Some of them have to be improved whereas some of them have to be done from scratch. My tasks would to complete the following activities:

  1. Oware: Oware is an abstract strategy board game played worldwide in which players have houses and pebbles and they need to collect the maximum of them to win. I would be required to create the single and multiplayer parts of the activity.
  2. Computers Activity: This activity will help teach children analogy between different types of computers ranging from a PC to a laptop to a mini computer. There will be an introduction part in which exploded PC with it’s parts functions would be displayed. Then in the levels exploded images of laptop, phone etc. would be displayed and the parts are required to be identified on the basis of the functions asked.
  3. Play piano and note names: Play piano and note names are two of the musical activities in which the child can play piano and is required to identify the notes of it respectively in which I would be required to make some changes and add the missing components and functions.

I will continue writing about my progress in the coming months. Looking forward to a great summer :)