GSoC-First month analysis

As described in my previous blog post GSoC Week 1 I would be discussing about the two player mode in Oware in this blog post. This month was mainly spent in the initial design and the two player mode of Oware. So here are the rules of the activity: [Read More]
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GSoC 2017, Week 1 comes to an end

So the week 1 comes to an end. The week was not normal as all weeks. It took off good but then had something really bad instore for me. Yes, something really bad. So no more of a suspense, the bad thing was my laptop which was working fine in... [Read More]
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Finishing started activities

It seems like it was like yesterday when I said “Hi” to the community but time flies turning me to a Google Summer of Code student. It has been a remarkable journey from a KDE user to a contributor spreading the community :) [Read More]
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Season of KDE, 2017

Wrap up

Finally I am writing about my experience in Season of KDE, 2017 which came to an end a few days ago. A winter learning new things, learning what really matters is not just writing code but writing good code. I would like to thank GCompris and KDE for giving me... [Read More]
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Season of KDE

Part 1

December, is near to its end and 2017 is finally coming. The last month was hectic though. I had my semester exams in the first half of the month and I didn’t get much time in between to concentrate on my project. But the later half was quite productive. Half... [Read More]
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